The clutch is one way that the driver interacts with their manual transmission engine while operating their vehicle. It is that third pedal that needs to be pressed to allow your vehicle to shift gears. However, automatic transmission vehicles also have a clutch in the form of a torque converter. If your clutch needs repair there may be issues with how smooth your vehicle accelerates, the amount of control you have over your vehicle, and even your mileage. Getting repairs in Escondido, California can be done at Trans Masters Auto Care & Performance Center. Getting repairs may not appear immediately necessary, but there are some signs you may want to look for.


When your vehicle accelerates there should be a smooth transition from one gear to the next. You may see when your car’s RPMs go down, but you shouldn’t be feeling any clunkiness while changing gears. If the transmission fluids aren’t providing enough lubrication they need to be changed. There may even be trouble transitioning from park into reverse or drive because the transmission is worn and the gears do not neatly fit in their planet-like alignment.

Torque is the power translation from the engine to the wheels and the efficiency of your transmission is necessary to optimize the work your engine puts out. Simply put the transmission and clutch working well can maximize your vehicle’s power, but if it is damaged you will waste more of the energy created by the engine until it is repaired. If you need to put out more effort from the engine to get the same results, it’s going to cost more and lower your fuel mileage. If you have checked the engine and it is running fine, but your RPM is much higher than usual for the same speeds, it can be an issue with your clutch or transmission.


Not only will the transmission feel uneasy when it isn’t working properly, but there may be a burning smell. If you are driving a manual transmission it may be caused by not changing to a higher gear at higher speeds, but if it’s an automatic transmission this signals an immediate need for repairs to the system. Whether it is the clutch getting stuck in between gears or not having enough pressure to even swap gears, this can be dangerous to drive with because your ability to predict your car’s mobility is necessary for defensive driving situations.

If you notice these issues with your transmission, come to Trans Masters Auto Care & Performance Center in Escondido, California for clutch repairs. We offer quality repairs and the only ones that you need. Call us at 858-240-1267 to schedule any service your vehicle needs.