Racing Transmission

Whether you’re burning rubber on a track or prefer off-roading treks instead, our expert technicians at Trans Masters Auto Care & Performance Center can keep your racing transmission running at full speed. We have the capability to repair and rebuild a wide variety of racing transmissions, from drag racing to performance transmissions.

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Superior Repair Service for Racing and Performance Transmissions

Not only do we know the value of a quality racing transmission, we also know how important the little parts that connect to it are. When we repair racing and performance transmissions, we pay attention to every small detail to ensure you get the horsepower and torque you need as soon as that light turns green.

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Transmission Rebuilds Worthy of a Trophy

A transmission rebuild could be what makes or breaks you on the track. It may seem like a hefty investment, but if you’re looking for a high-performance racing transmission, it’s your best choice. The trusted transmission technicians at Trans Masters Auto in Escondido are ASE Certified and use state-of-the-art equipment to keep your racecar at peak performance.

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Safety and Speed - Enjoy Top Performance Transmissions

We know that races often come down to milliseconds. There’s no time to waste, which is why you need assurance that your machine will function the way you need it to to get across the finish line. That being said, the importance of pit stops can’t be stressed enough. Safety is always at the top of our minds, and our team at Trans Masters can accurately repair or rebuild your racing transmission, so it’s one less piece your crew needs to worry about while you race at high speeds.

Finish First With Racing Transmission Repair at Trans Master Auto Care in Escondido

Trans Master Auto Care has been the leading transmission repair experts in Escondido for over 30 years. We have the right tools, knowledge, and expertise to keep your racing transmission coming in first.

Check out our quality racing transmission repair service in Escondido today!